Group Interventions

Speech, Language and Communication is a social activity and these skills are often best targeted in small groups.

Groups typically include 6 students from the same year group working together on a specific area of communication.

Previous groups have targeted vocabulary development, narrative development, verbal reasoning skills and social communication skills. Resources including:

  • Vocabulary Enrichment Intervention Programme by Victoria Joffe
  • Narrative Intervention Programme by Victoria Joffe
  • Talkabout for Teenagers by Alex Kelly & Brian Sains

have been used previously but groups can be adapted to meet the needs of the students.

Intervention Groups are charged at £1000 for 20 sessions; 2 sessions per week for 10 weeks across one school term. This includes a pre and post intervention assessment and a brief end of intervention report on each student with targets achieved and suggestions for future areas of work. Travel within 30 minutes of Scarborough is included.

Please email or telephone to enquire about running an intervention group in your school.

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