Informal training

I offer 4 x 2 hour sessions of training specifically designed for KS 2, 3 or 4 teachers and teaching assistants.

  1. Overview of Speech and Language Development aged 5-16. Learn the milestones of normal development and how language continues to develop throughout key stages 2-4. Understand the difference between delays and disorders. How to identify students with speech, language and communication needs.
  2. Supporting Receptive Language Difficulties. Learn how to identify students with difficulties understanding language. How do difficulties with attention, listening and memory affect language understanding? How do these difficulties affect students in the classroom? Learn whole class, small group and individual strategies to support students understanding of language. Develop your knowledge of visual support strategies and other approaches often recommended by speech and language therapists.
  3. Developing Oral Narrative Skills and Learning New Vocabulary. Narrative and vocabulary learning are key skills in KS 2-4. Narrative enables students to describe, negotiate, argue and justify their ideas and it has been estimated that students meet 10,000 new words between the ages of 12 -17 from textbooks alone (Clark, 2003). Learn how to support and facilitate these key language skills. Strategies will be demonstrated that can be used in whole schools, classes, intervention groups and with individual students.
  4. Speech Difficulties. Overview of normal speech development and explanation of delays and disorders. The difference between phonological and articulation difficulties and how to support students with these difficulties. Strategies to promote clear speech and confidence in talking. How do speech and language difficulties affect literacy. This session will also give a brief overview of other disorders such dysfluency (stammering) and selective mutism.

These sessions can be run separately as twilight training or booked as an 8 hour package. They are usually commissioned by a school and run on site for a group of up to 12 teachers and/or teaching assistants. However if there is demand centrally run courses that can be booked onto by individual staff will be organised. Please contact me for more information or check the current courses page.

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